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What is Pokémon GO like in Florence, Italy? (Generation 2) | Gameplay

I recently visited Florence, Italy, to go Pokémon hunting in Pokémon GO. Watch this gameplay video to witness some amazing catches, egg hatchings, and evolutions while exploring the city's most beautiful landmarks.
01 October 2017 @ 12:16 am
halcyon - a pokemon redgreen gameverse fanfic

Sometimes the sea itself is a gift. Sometimes the gift is something it brings you. Ten years after HGSS, Green returns to Pallet Town to run a new lighthouse and ends up facing the ghosts of his past.

Pokémon Gameverse; Red/Green with side Green/Kris, Green & Professor Oak, and a large ensemble cast; PG-13, rating will increase for later chapters; ~34,000 words total.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Fic Tag
AO3 Mirror | FFN Mirror | French Translation | Art Credit

I've worked on this fic for seven years and I'm excited to share it with you! The fic is complete and illustrated, five parts in total (two currently published), with a new part posted bi-weekly. To receive updates, you can subscribe to the fic on AO3, follow it on FFN, or track my DW writing comm.

Comments/kudos are loved and appreciated! Thank you for reading!
23 August 2017 @ 09:35 am
So, Pokemon Sun/Moon has got me in the mood to really want to RP
Pokemon again! Specifically, I want to write yaoi m/m gay shit for it

I have a few plots in mind, and I'd love to write against the
following canon characters.


I really want to play against an Ash, like, really really badly. I
have a male trainer OC I've waited to ship with Ash for forever!


Likewise, I'd also like to ship a male OC against certain male game
protags either, in particular, Ethan/Gold, Kyouhei/Nate, and maybe the
SunMoon Male protag are characters I really wanna play against!

If you're not cool with OCs I can play the following canon characters okay.

X/Y: Trevor (I'd love to ship the Anime version of Trevor with Ash,
but I'm willing to talk about other ships, including gameverse crossovers.)

Ruby/Sapphire/ORAS: Wally (I'm very open to various m/m ships for
Wally. but I love to take him cross-region and pair him with some of
the other cute male protags. )

Anime: Name some minor Trainer boy from the anime Ash has encountered
as the problem of the week and chances are good I ship them with Ash.
:) From the Kalos era I love Trevor/Ash and Clemont/Ash and I will
HAPPILY play either Trevor or Clemont!

If you're interested in RPibng some pokemon m/m with me, please e-mail me
at granis25@gmail.com and we can talk more!
06 July 2017 @ 09:23 pm
Hi Guys
So I’m looking for a Pokémon fanfic.
Ash has been missing for a number of years no one knows where he’s gone. Ash has aura and has been fighting rockets (team rocket) with another character who I believe is an OC. He’s been undercover going by a code name (maybe, Red or Blue). He turns up a league competition undercover and it turns into a slightly humorous situation where Ash has to listen to all his old friends reminiscing about him and missing him whilst he can’t or won’t reveal himself. He and his friend (This OC girl) compete in the tournament whilst also using aura to find and combat the rockets. This sounds like a lot of fics I have read but I can’t find this particular one. It is a multi-chapter story. If anyone has heard of it or knows where I may find it please let me know.

Thanks Guys
31 May 2017 @ 10:30 pm

“Don’t be dainty. Bite.”

His voice is huskier, low with a tone of authority. You meet Spark’s challenge with a glare and oblige, widening your bite and clamping down harder. He’s braced for it, watching you with a mix of amusement and challenge. You shut your eyes, relaxing your jaw for a moment, and then bite again, focused entirely on the sensation. Saliva dribbles down your chin. The pressure on your gums is throbbing, meditative. You can’t hurt me! You can feel his pulse against your tongue. You snarl and clench your jaws as if you could punish the heartbeat in your mouth, make it stop altogether. You want to rend a mouthful, tear the leather with your teeth, bite into his skin and feel that heat spread along your tongue. Every sharp inhalation reeks of leather and Spark’s skin. His own quickened breathing is a rhythm against your back, the hand under your sweater tightening, fingertips pressing harder into your flesh.

[Read it here]
22 May 2017 @ 05:25 pm
Hello, I am seeking some Pokemon plushies. I am not sure how to do this really on here but I figured I would give it a shot.

I am looking for the Shadow Lugia Pokedoll in specific. But I am also seeking plushies of the following: Lugia, Charizard (Regular or Mega), Cubone, Serperior, and Rayaquaza. I am from Canada so I would need someone to be willing to ship here. Thank you for the help!

[Read it here]


“Wow, this is the biggest mess we’ve made in years!” Shadow sounds pleased with the scale of destruction.

“Ah, you opened my gift-” Sandy exclaims.

“It’s from all of us, actually.”

“What’s that you’re reading?”

You look up at Spark’s family all smiling at you and basking in their gifts. Boomer pauses to assess the situation before giving a battle-squeak and pouncing into a pile of tissue-paper. Shadow snaps a photo of him bounding through the mess.

[Read it here]

Comments & constructive criticism appreciated! Still looking for a beta if anyone’s interested.

⚡️ There’s a companion playlist! Listen to it here. Every new chapter will have new songs added. ⚡️

13 April 2017 @ 07:58 pm
Her first memory of Battle was exhilarating and painful. She fought a bird that should have been easy prey, but it was strong and fast, and her little fires didn’t amount to much in the face of all that wind. The Girl was the first thing she saw after waking again, indoors, somehow. The Girl’s face was leaking. The Girl looked profoundly in pain, picked her up and held her tight against her body. She licked the water from The Girl’s face and realized this made The Girl stop leaking, made The Girl show her teeth and trill that strange sound.

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“So, you’re saying your parents would know it was me and not say a word?"
“Ah, yep."

Your face cools a little and you know you’ve gone pale at that.

"Fuck the makeup, we’re bandaging it."


Spark looks around, his gaze lingering on mementos of the past.

“I guess I forgot. I came home in a hurry when I found out I’d been accepted to the school –gym leader academy- and I just threw everything that was essential into a couple of boxes and ran off again. By the time I graduated, I had a place of my own, and then I bought the gym…"

He reaches for a hanging medal and grasps it, strokes his thumb over the engraving on the face.

“Maybe… Maybe I ran off too fast.”

[Read it here]

Comments & constructive criticism appreciated! Still looking for a beta if anyone’s interested.

⚡️ There’s a companion playlist! Listen to it here. Every new chapter will have new songs added. ⚡️

This fan fic is about red blue gold silver black and Oscar thats me and they move in a house together because the rent is high then they met there neighbors misty crystal and may dawn . If you have a girl oc I could add it to help email me at oscarmejia5479@gmail.com ps this will contain sexual thing so thats everything