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LEGO Pokemon Request Thread!

Hey guys! I've decided that, for the rest of the week, I will take ONE (1) request a day for a LEGO Pokemon.

EDIT: Requests for this week are closed! Sorry! =( If you have requested a LEGO Pokemon, please look for the link to the photo on this entry when you are notified!

However, there are a few restrictions:
1. Due to the rarity of the colors, I cannot make any Pokemon that is colored orange, pink, or purple.
2. I can do the shiny coloration of a Pokemon as long as the shiny coloration DOES NOT include orange, pink, or purple.
3. Pokemon I build may not necessarily be made to scale with the LEGO Minifigures. For example, it is possible for me to build a Dialga model that is only an inch or so tall.
4. I will attempt to be as accurate as possible, so a simple Pokemon is easier.
5. Similarly, if you request a complicated Pokemon to build, it might take me longer than a day to find the right pieces. In order for me to fulfill everyone's request, please keep it simple.
6. Please check other peoples' requests so you don't ask for the same Pokemon. I'm going to post the pictures anyways for everyone to see.

Pokemon I Have Already Built (And Therefore Will Not Build As A Request):
- Aerodactyl
- Ivysaur
- Magnemite
- Psyduck
- Salamence
- Squirtle
- Swampert



Ivysaur & Squirtle

Tuesday: Umbreon (yamikonumber7)
Wednesday: Weepinbell (teenbulma)
Thursday: Taillow (flag)
Friday: Shiny Ditto (killyalatergatr)
Saturday: Glalie (kitty_catline)
Sunday: Leafeon (djmeowmix)
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