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dream world abilities

i'm trying to spoil as little as i can here (i like even the small surprises) buttttt i couldn't wait and i'm reading over the dream world abilities list on serebii

so what do you guys think!

it opens up some competitive battle doors ;_; i'm kind of excited..

ARMALDO - swift swim. yeah this kind of blew my mind. i love armaldo, its design, its moves are alright, that attack stat. it's pretty slow though, even if it does have access to rock polish. this though is really cool news

NINETALES - drought. i dunno, that just sounds epic. shared only by a /legendary/ how badass is that

ARCANINE - heart of justice. well it doesn't seem all that great, but the name is so cool and fitting for a dog. it's only useful for a physical arcanine, which most are, and i prefer attackers so it works out. kind..of. THE NAME IS JUST AMAZING

FLAREON - guts. this is a big one for me. i've been wanting to train a flareon for a while but it never really seemed to have anything big going for it. guts sound like it could be used with the facade strategy seen on other pokemon. sure you can always scream "BUT XYZ DOES IT SO MUCH BETTER!!!" i don't care, as long as flareon has something. i like quick attack too.

DITTO - eccentric. whoa you mean ditto doesn't have to waste a whole turn now??

SABLEYE - mischievous heart. this seems cool because i use mine as an annoyer. high priority confuse ray >:3

BLAZIKEN - speed boost. ok i don't want to train one i'm just throwing this out here because of loll whoa

Tags: generation 5, spoilers
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