sockdrawerdemon (sockdrawerdemon) wrote in pokemon,

Old School Games.

I'm very new to Pokemon - I couldn't even afford the card game when I was little! So I've finally got myself an old GBA and started playing, and having had all the fun I can out of Leaf Green, I was thinking I would start playing Emerald. However, looking on Ebay I've seen sooo many different fakes that I'm not even sure what the real cartridge looks like!
Can anybody link me to a page showing all the genuine cartridges? I've been looking on Google but all I get are links to Ebay and Yahoo questions pages.

Thanks guys!
After watching the super useful video linked to me in the comments, I can now tell that there is NOT ONE genuine copy on Ebay! Buying new from Nintendo (via Amazon) is $200, and the used ones don't include a picture!
Tags: bootlegs, generation 3
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