April 10th, 2010

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WIP - durarara! x pokemon parody

OTL I got beaten to finishing a Durarara! x Pokemon ED parody image ;; I had this drawn out early last week but didn't get a chance to finish it before someone else did it OTL OTL OTL so uh, if you guys want, the WIP image is linked below:

( WIP - Durarara! x Pokemon (Trust Me ED) parody )

The link goes to my art blog which also doubles as a game/photo/anime blog. ^^ If you like my artwork though, feel free to watch it - I post fairly regularly but not that often either.

Also, if you could, please leave any and all comments there? I prefer to keep comments all stored in one place. <3
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Question about EV training

I'm new to the concept, so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I understand the part about different Pokemon yielding different EVs that boost stats when leveling up and all, but what I don't understand is how EV distribution works. If you only use one Pokemon against the wild one, then the one you used will get the EV from KOing it. That's logical. But what if it takes two or more of your Pokemon to KO the opponent? Who gets the EV? Just the one who KO'd it, or all of the involved Pokemon?

Thanks in advance!
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Cyndaquil Giveaway!

Hey, everyone!

Since I'm particularly nerdy and wanted to breed for my character's pokémon on rinnar_league, I ended up with a whole box of Cyndaquil that I'd rather give away than have sit in there doing nothing. And I still haven't gotten a mild nature...

Those that don't get adopted by Wednesday will be put up on the GTS.

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fic: bothersome (1/1)

Title: Bothersome
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance/Humor
Pairings or Characters: Morty/Kotone
Warnings: not quite sex, but dirty enough for the rating, methinks
Word Count: 742
Summary: Morty was, however, quite bothered when he woke up one morning with Kotone perched on top of him, wearing naught but his scarf.

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Hey guys! I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited about Pokémon Black and White, and I can't wait for more new Pokémon to be revealed. :D

To get to the main point of this post, what kind of legendary Pokémon do you think will be on the games' covers, assuming they stick to the same pattern? What other kinds of legendaries do you want to see in the game?

I've actually sketched out my idea for the two cover legendaries, although of course I don't expect the real ones to look anything like this, hahaha.

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As for other legendaries, I hope they fill in all the types that don't have legendaries, like Bug, Poison and Fighting. More variety's always a good thing, right? Perhaps a Poison legendary could represent diseases or something, and have an ability that auto-poisons you. And I'm sure everyone wants to see a crazy kickboxing spider legendary.

problem with pokemon battle wifi

hi i was wondering if anyone could help me test my pokemon battle wifi because earlier it wasnt working for some reason the other trainer was there but it disconected me as soon as i talked to them

later it wouldnt show the actual friend when i tried to open it so i was wondering if it was a dodgy fc or my wifi

could anyone help me with it please id be very great :)
domino--by chuchan

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So has anyone else's Pokewalker cracked? Mine has a big crack in the side of it and I can't figure out how (it hasn't fallen on anything but carpet and I haven't bumped against anything while it was in my pocket). It hasn't impeded function yet, but I got my pokemon off it right away just in case.

If all else fails, is it covered under the same warranty as the game itself?

Just a quick Question..

Is there any instore Pokemon Events happening in Australia?

Also.. is there a website I can go to, so I can check where to find new events.

I managed to get my hands on 2 Arceus' when they were in K-Mart last year.

Anyway, thanks fellow Trainers.

Just a few questions!

Alright, it's my first post to the comm and well...I'm trying to convince my dad to let me use our wifi for global trading.

(We'll completely disregard that I can't trade until I get my FC back, since I had to restart my HeartGold sob)

Basically, our wifi is protected, and he's a little suspicious of this kind of stuff. I am too, but uh, not as much as him.

One: What would/will happen if/when we try and connect the ds to the wifi? Would my dad be able to put in the password/code/whatever he has there so it would be able to connect?

Two: If not, what should we do? My dad wouldn't just...unprotect it.

Three: I had another question to put here, but I forgot it....Dx

If I think of any more questions or my dad does, I'll add them to the post.

God, I feel like such an idiot but I've never bothered with wifi before.

ps: I have no idea what tag this as...D:

Thanks for all the help, everyone! Our internet router uses an encryption thats pretty damn high, so I won't be able to connect to wifi :'c

I guess I can deal with no global trading via wifi, but I wish I had rl friends who played pokemon as much as I do...Guh.

Thanks again! c:

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